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The Pound of Cure weight loss program was developed by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a Bariatric Surgeon who identified a nutritional approach that can replicate the favorable changes to your intestines and your brain that are seen after weight loss surgery.

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My answer to years of struggle with morbid obesity.

When I stick to the program the weight loss feels effortless. I never have to feel hungry or deprived and I feel that everything I eat provides the true nutrition that my body has been craving my whole life. I truly feel like my metabolism is working better now.

I have my life back

It is truly the real deal to weight loss and great health. I am losing steadly 2 pounds a day. I feel free because I can’t really mess this up.

Please keep up the excellent work!

I’ve not come across another program that shows how hormones influence hunger and why the calorie-in/calorie-out starvation diet models don’t work. I knew it had to be something else at play!


After 52 years in this earth I now understand how to eat, feel better, and lose weight without being hungry.

Five Stars

Outstanding, insightful and simple plan for eating to nourish your body!

I have been on the eating plan for 3 weeks, lost 48 pounds

No atkins, weight watcher, jenny craig or yoli pyramid scheme diets. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for calorie restriction just to watch the weight return when you stop or can’t afford the food. This is the eating plan to follow.

This Works!

This eating plan definitely works! Please note this is not a diet, it’s a life style change! I saw weight loss results in the first 4 days.

100’s of Videos

Dr. Weiner has created over 100 new videos outlining his Pound of Cure nutritional plan

These videos provide a no-nonsense approach to weight loss that is free of shakes, powders or other gimmicks.  Dr. Weiner’s approach provides anyone the ability to make substantial changes to your diet and subsequently your health.

The Pound of Cure program is not only for weight loss surgery patients, but for those who have had Bariatric Surgery, or are considering it, it provides an alternative to protein shakes and low carb eating plans recommended by most weight loss surgey programs.

How to lose weight fast, the healthy way

In this course, Dr. Weiner outlines how to follow the Metabolic Reset Diet, a program that allows you to lose weight quickly by eating a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and a small amount of animal protein.

Change your diet slowly over 6 months

Eliminating processed food from your diet overnight is not a commitment that everyone is capable of.  In this course, Dr. Weiner shows you how make slow, gradual changes to your diet over six months.

Recipes & Meal Plans

Eating well is a skill that requires practice and a solid strategy.  This course provides dozens of recipes as well as introducing you to a new way of thinking about cooking that allows you to eat delicious, healthy food at every meal.

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

In this course, Dr. Weiner provides a thorough review of weight loss surgery .  Containing nearly 40 videos, this thoughtful and honest presentation is a must for anyone considering weight loss surgery.

The first year after weight loss surgery

The first year after weight loss surgery offers patients the best opportunity they’ll ever have to make permanent and substantial changes to their lifestyle.  This course outlines a plan that sets you up for success.

Lifelong success after weight loss surgery

If there aren’t significant changes in your life after surgery, it’s time to re-examine your strategy.  This course outlines this process and gets you started in the right direction.

Free Content

A limited amount of the content is available for free for those who would like to learn more before committing to a paid subscription.

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Nutritional Membership

For those who are not interested in weight loss surgery, a lower cost membership is available that gives you access to all of the courses about the Pound of Cure program, including all recipes and meal plans.

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Bariatric Membership

This membership provides access to all of the content on the site about both weight loss surgery and the Pound of Cure Program.  Over 100 videos and 200 pages of written content are available!

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