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Comprehensive and Individualized Weight Loss Services

The Pound of Cure philosophy is based on the idea that our body weight is governed by an internal setpoint that works to keep our body fat stores consistent.

Any successful weight loss plan must result in a lowering of your setpoint, rather than efforts to fight against it in order to drive significant, durable changes to your setpoint.

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How Much Weight Will I Lose After Bariatric Surgery?

Our calculator provides an estimate of you much weight you will lose after Bariatric Surgery based on your age, height, weight, and medical background.

Most people think that the amount of weight that you lose after Bariatric Surgery is dependent only on your diet and lifestyle efforts. While these certainly are important, other factors like your medical history, age, gender, and medication use may be even more important.

Use the calculator and get an estimate of how much weight you will lose in 60 seconds!

Pound of Cure Weight Loss Offers Comprehensive Weight Loss Services


Considering weight loss surgery? Is it time? Schedule a time to talk with our team and find out if you're a candidate.


The FDA has approved GLP-1 weight loss medications (Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro and Zepbound) that have amazing results. Find out if you're a candidate and if you're covered by insurance.


Making changes? Our weight loss program offers a comprehensive individualized treatment plan with both group and 1-on-1 online sessions, and is focused on nutrition, physical activity, and behavior modification.

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Are you considering weight loss surgery?

With one of the lowest complication rates in the state, our weight loss surgery options will help restore your health and can even eliminate disease like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. We also offer an unparalleled post-operative support program to help ensure your weight loss success.

What’s the next step? Book an appointment to meet with Dr. Weiner or another member of the Pound of Cure Weight Loss team.

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Individualized Treatment Plans

Nutrition, physical activity, behavior modification, pharmaceutical and surgical treatments, tailored to your needs.


Nutritional Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian led support groups provide personal and comprehensive nutritional counseling to support your weight loss journey. 


Weight Loss Medications

Weight loss medications can be a crucial part of our weight loss service. These medications, such as GLP-1 prescriptions like Ozempic, are designed to assist you in losing weight by reducing appetite and increasing feelings of fullness.


Bariatric Surgery

Our weight loss surgeries prioritize your safey, restore health, and improve your health, and include unparalleled post-operative support for success.

Which bariatric surgery is right for me?

Considering weight loss surgery this year? Choosing the right procedure is the first important decision you should make. Take Dr. Weiner’s new quiz and make the right decision for you.

Weight Loss Medications

GLP-1 medications are the most signficant advance in the treatment of obesity since Bariatric Surgery

Are you a candidate for weight loss medications? These medications are incredibly effective weight loss tools. They’re also expensive, hard to find, have side effects and require a meaningful change to your diet. With the right strategy, these medications can silence the “food noise” that’s kept you from succeeding in your past weight loss efforts.

The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Non-Surgical team specializes in:

  • Insurance Coverage for Medications
  • Creative Dosing Strategies for Cost-Savings
  • Nutritional Changes to Maximize Weight Loss
  • Treatment of weight regain after Bariatric Surgery
  • Combination Therapy to Maximize Weight Loss After Surgery
  • Strategies to Minimize Side Effects

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Nutritional Counseling

The Pound of Cure Nutrition Plan – Lower Your Setpoint with Food

Pound of Cure Nutrition Support Groups

Our Registrered Dietitian led support groups include comprehensive nutritional counseling to support your weight loss journey. Our nutritional program is based on the Pound of Cure eating plan outlined in Dr. Weiner’s books.

Good nutrition is not about willpower – it’s about learning how to use healthy foods to control your hunger and quiet the “food noise” that makes sticking to a nutritional plan so difficult.

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  • The Metabolic Reset Diet
  • Eating to Maximize the Effects of GLP-1 Medications
  • Plan, Prep, Plate: The Meal Planning Workshop
  • Guided Meditation with Our Wellness Coach
  • Emotional Eating and Stress Management Support Group
  • Eating After Bariatric Surgery
  • Dr. Weiner Q&A
  • Peer-Led Support Groups

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Dr. Matthew Weiner and his team offer bariatric surgery and weight loss programs in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. Each member of the team is passionate about their role and they support hundreds of bariatric patients on their weight loss journey each year.

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