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Dr. Weiner and his team are all about your success, long-term. Unlike so many folks who are frustrated with gaining weight again after ineffective diets or bariatric surgery without adequate support, we address deeper metabolic health issues and provide a comprehensive program. We’re about evidence-based weight loss that works with your metabolism and hormones, not just trendy dieting.

Here are some stories that speak for themselves, from clients/patients we care about and have helped along their weight loss journey.

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Julie’s Story

“I have been overweight pretty much my whole life. I would use the ‘diet of the day’ to lose some weight, and then go off the program because it wasn’t sustainable long term. I would gain back the weight I lost and then some. When I finally came to the realization that I was never going to break that cycle on my own, I made an appointment with Dr. Weiner. We had a lengthy discussion about ME and decided on a plan of action!

The Pound of Cure program worked great for me as a starting point because it has me eating regular food, nothing fancy. You don’t have to buy a bunch of packaged, processed stuff. I believe that is why for me, 3 years later, I am still following his program and maintaining my weight loss. The RNY was a tool to help me along the way, but the Pound of Cure lifestyle is what is going to keep me healthy…”

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Tucson, Arizona

“I just wanted to share this with Dr. Weiner: I truly miss him and I am still on the right track 9 1/2 yrs. later! Thank you for letting me love myself again!


Tucson, Arizona

“I have had a wonderful, successful bariatric experience! I am nearly a year out from VSG and have gone from an obese BMI of 38.4 to a normal BMI of 24.7.”


Tucson, Arizona

“Thank you Dr. Weiner for helping me get back to Me! Forever Grateful to God for putting you in my path back to healthy.”

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What are our patient’s saying?

Have questions about weight loss surgery or non-surgical options?
Get in touch with our friendly team at (520) 298-3300

Katie’s Non-Surgical Success

“A few years back I noticed a friend of mine at work was looking extremely healthy and fit. I asked her what her secret was and she told me about a doctor that I never would have guessed would have changed my life without ever meeting him. Now, let me give you some history of ME.

If you or someone you know is looking for a plan that really not only works, but makes sense and is not a fad, please read this book. It will honestly change how you feel about food and ultimately change how you feel about yourself.

I still have some work to do, but I know that I am on the right path. I finally feel like I am not on a diet for the first time in my life. This is a lifestyle, this is making the best choices for my health. The weight loss is a bonus, but what I have done for my overall heath is the biggest benefit. Thank you Dr. Weiner, I am forever grateful.”

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