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The Metabolic Reset Diet is a weight loss program with a whole-foods approach to eating that focuses on eating as much healthy, unprocessed food as you like and avoiding unhealthy, processed foods as much as possible. This approach is different from many other diets because:

  1. It focuses more on what you should eat than what you shouldn’t
  2. You can eat as much as you like, making it easy to avoid hunger
  3. If you break the diet for a meal, or a day, you won’t experience the rapid weight regain that you see if you stray from a very low calorie or low-carbohydrate diet.


the-metabolic-reset-dietBenefits of the Metabolic Reset Diet

The Metabolic Reset Diet helps you control your cravings for processed foods by filling your diet with healthy, nutritious foods that reduce cravings and help you control your hunger. Because you are eating lots of healthy foods, your body’s typical response to dieting, to increase your hunger and slow down your metabolism is reduced.

By following the metabolic reset diet for at least two weeks, you help your body detox from the processed foods that drive much of your eating. This healthier way of eating

Our body has a built in mechanism designed to defend your body weight “setpoint.” Dr. Weiner refers to this function as your “metabolic thermostat” because it works to keep your body weight set at a certain amount. If you diet through traditional calorie restriction methods, your body looks at this as a potential threat to your survival. Our metabolism evolved when food was scarce and any reduction in calorie intake was considered a threat to your survival.

When you change the quality of the food that you eat, through an eating plan like the Metabolic Reset Diet, much of this “survival” response is blunted because you are providing your body with enough nutrients through fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, bean and lean animal protein. Because you actually increase the amount of nutrition that you receive when you start the Metabolic Reset Diet, your body doesn’t fight back to defend your setpoint.

In truth, the Metabolic Reset Diet is not really a diet, it’s just a much healthier way of eating. This program is perfect for someone who wants to lose 100 lbs, but also works great for someone who is not trying to lose any weight and just wants to eat healthier. Because the Metabolic Reset Diet focuses on eating lots of high nutrient foods, you will never be better nourished than when you are eating according to the plan. The fatigue and extreme hunger that you typically feel on a calorie or carbohydrate restriction diet is due to poor nutrition. People following the Metabolic Reset Diet have excellent nutrition and feel fantastic!

The Metabolic Reset Diet was developed by listening to the changes in people’s taste preferences after Gastric Bypass Surgery. After weight loss surgery, Dr. Weiner’s patients reported to him that they had lost their taste for processed, sweetened and artificially flavored foods and now preferred fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and lean animal protein.

Dr. Weiner recognized that the powerful setpoint lowering hormonal changes caused by the surgery were changing the way his patients wanted to eat. He figured out that these new taste preferences represented the best way to eat in order to lose weight. Dr. Weiner assembled his patients’ postoperative taste preferences into an eating plan and the Metabolic Reset Diet was born! It works great for postoperative Weight Loss Surgery patients, or for anyone else trying to lose weight without surgery.


Lowering your body’s setpoint

Calorie restriction is an ineffective way to lose weight over the long run because of your body’s drive to defend your weight setpoint, other nutritional strategies must be used. The key to durable weight loss is to avoid constant hunger. Trying to resist eating in the face of constant hunger is like trying to hold your breath forever! Even the most determined and disciplined of us will ultimately fail.

The key to durable weight loss is not to eat less, it’s to eat differently! If you feel hungry, you should nourish this hunger with high nutrient food. No amount of meditation, hypnosis or counseling will teach you to tolerate starvation over the long run.

Long term weight loss success must be sustainable and allow you to eat freely whenever you become hungry. Once you begin to nourish your body with healthy, setpoint lowering foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and lean animal protein, your toxic food cravings for heavily processed and artificial foods will decrease substantially.

Because our food chain pushes us toward processed, sweetened, artificially flavored foods, following the Metabolic Reset Diet requires a little bit of assistance to get started. The Pound of Cure program offers a comprehensive suite of services for anyone looking to lose weight. For those just interested in learning more about the Metabolic Reset Diet or the Pound of Cure eating plan, you can check out Dr. Weiner’s books or his online videos courses. For those looking for a little more personal attention, Dr. Weiner’s team offers online nutritional counseling, either in groups or individually. These support groups are offered over Zoom and are a very affordable way to get more individualized instruction. In addition to nutritional support, these sessions will also cover Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional support and recipe/life hacks.

For those looking for even more guidance, Dr. Weiner and his team offer telemedicine and in-person appointments – most insurances are accepted. These visits will focus more on the medical management of your weight using medications and Weight Loss Surgery.


What to Expect

Hormonal Changes

The Metabolic Reset Diet is intended to be followed exactly for two weeks. After these two weeks, you will gain an understanding of the toxic food cravings that have driven you to eat foods that you really didn’t want or need and how focusing on high nutrient foods helps you control your cravings and addresses hunger much more effectively. Then, depending on your individual wants and needs, you can continue to follow the Metabolic Reset Diet, or back off and go through a gradual series of changes to improve your diet over the course of a year.


New Cravings

As you work to eliminate processed foods from your diet, you will begin to develop new cravings for fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and lean animal protein. While the Metabolic Reset Diet is predominantly a plant based diet, it is not entirely plant-based. You are free to eat animal protein, just not in unlimited amounts.


Initial Side Effects

The first few days on the Metabolic Reset Diet can be challenging. You may experience listlessness, decreased energy and headaches as you detox from processed foods. After a few days, these symptoms resolve and you will find that you have more energy, less food cravings and are sleeping much more soundly at night.

If you are hungry while following the Metabolic Reset Diet, you are doing it wrong. If you’re hungry, eat any of the unlimited, healthy foods that are available on the program.



The Metabolic Reset Diet will teach you how to control the toxic food cravings that have likely ruled your eating habits for many years. Once you recognize the power of high nutrient foods in driving weight loss and controlling hunger, you’ll wonder why you spent so many years controlled by toxic food cravings.


Is the Metabolic Reset Diet Right For Me?

Enroll in the Metabolic Reset Diet Course offered by Dr. Weiner and start your weight loss journey without all the snips and needles! Single Classes for attendance at one of Dr. Weiner’s group courses start at $10 (or $25 if you prefer one-on-one). Contact Dr. Weiner and his team today at (520) 298-3300 for more information.

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