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Episode 32 of The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast is titled, Why We Hate Keto. We cover a lot of material in this episode, including Pharmacy Benefit Managers, over-the-counter supplements for weight loss, Keto and the Lion diet, Glp-1’s, and avocado oil, just to name a few.

In our In the News segment, we dive into an article from The New York Times titled, The Opaque Industry Secretly Inflating Prices for Prescription Drugs. As the title suggests, there are behind-the-scene shenanigans going on that needlessly and greedily add to the cost of prescription drugs. It’s an intricate, and unfortunately, legal method of stealing money to the tune of billions of dollars a year. But there is something you can do to stop it. Tune in to find out what that is!

In our Patient Story, we talk to Laura who came to us from Phoenix. Laura gained weight later in life and struggled with the idea of surgery. It wasn’t until she retired and her plans to travel became more difficult, (due to the extra weight) that she really considered having bariatric surgery. After meeting with me she went ahead and lost 80 pounds in 10 months!

In our Nutrition segment we explain why we hate Keto. You might think that Keto is a relatively new diet but it’s actually over 150 years old and intended to help treat patients with epilepsy. And, while Keto may actually help you lose weight, it wreaks havoc on your cardiovascular system causing poorer health.

In our Economics of Obesity segment, we talk about over-the-counter weight loss supplements. We cover Chromium Picolinate, Berberine, Metformin, Inulin, Alli, and Hydroxycut. Do they actually work? We lay it all out for you!

Finally, we answer 3 of our listeners questions including, when to start GLP-1’s after a sleeve, our thoughts on avocado oil, and what we think about the Lion diet. Tune in for a deep-dive into the science behind many famous and infamous weight loss practices.

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