About Dr. Matthew Weiner
and the Pound of Cure
Weight Loss Program

A Practice Built On Principals

Dr. Weiner has performed over 3,000 bariatric surgeries. His practice and team bases their programs on principals that are simple and easy to understand:

1. Prepare our patients as thoroughly as possible for this life changing procedure, giving them the best chance of long-term success (We have hundreds of videos and classes to ensure that you are well prepared)
2. Support our patients for long term – Our nutrition and non-surgical weight loss program attracts people from all over the country. We’re in this with you for the long-haul!
3. Perform surgery as safely as possible – Dr. Weiner’s serious complication rate is less than 1/200 – one-quarter the national average!

Education First. Life Change Next.

A Pound of Cure Weight Loss Program

Dr. Matthew Weiner is the creator of the Pound of Cure Weight Loss Program. He has performed thousands of Bariatric Surgeries and has over 1 million views of his YouTube videos. His “no nonsense” compassionate approach to weight loss surgery and nutrition helps you dig through all of the noise to find scientifically accurate information to help you on your weight loss journey.

He also is the author of several books, which you can purchase today on Amazon. Click here to learn more about his books >

Dr. Weiner and his bariatric surgery team are in Tucson, Arizona and also host an active telemedicine program.


“It’s Not About Willpower”


t Pound of Cure, we believe that everyone deserves an individualized approach to weight management. We base our set point lowering weight loss program in research, not dogma. Studies show that weight is not determined by willpower, but instead by a hormonally-regulated defense of your body’s unique metabolic set point (the weight your body works to defend).

The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Program is designed to lower your set point using a combination of nutritional counseling (using Dr. Weiner’s Metabolic Reset Diet), cognitive behavioral therapy, recipe/life hacks, online education and weight loss medications. GLP-1 medications like semaglutide are powerful adjuncts to a healthy diet and lifestyle and are used frequently in the Pound of Cure Weight Loss Program.

Maximizing Your Body’s Ability To Lose Weight

Dr. Matthew Weiner’s Research

Dr. Weiner leveraged research that demonstrates that weight loss surgery works primarily by creating favorable hormone shifts, rather than blocking eating or calorie absorption as we previously believed.  Dr. Weiner identified the changes in his patient’s nutritional preferences after weight loss surgery and recognized that they were driven by these hormonal shifts that result in post-weight loss surgery patients selecting the foods that cause the most weight loss.

The Pound of Cure weight loss program is based on these observations and allows anyone to change their eating habits to maximize your body’s ability to lose weight.

we’re in tucson, arizona

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Dr. Weiner and his bariatric surgery team are in Tucson, Arizona and also host an active telemedicine program.

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