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Episode 29 of The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast is titled, Wegovy for the Long Run. The title comes from our In the News segment where we discuss an article in US News titled, More Studies Support Wegovy’s Long-Term Weight-Loss Benefits. This article details the outcomes of the SELECT trial which showed that long-term use of Wegovy provided continued weight loss and cardiovascular benefits.

In our Patient Story segment, we talk to Armetta – one of my most memorable patients. She ended up having surgery in Mexico because of an exclusion policy on her insurance plan. After a serious complication, she became one of my double black diamond cases, and her insurance company ended up spending 1.5 million dollars on her treatment because of the complication. It’s a fascinating story.

Before the invention of popular sports drinks, most people didn’t know what electrolytes were. Now it’s one of our most frequently asked questions. Do you really need to drink sports drinks to replenish your electrolytes? Zoe answers this question in our Nutrition segment.

In out Economics of Obesity segment, we talk about going to Mexico for bariatric surgery. Many people choose this option thinking that it’s less expensive. But when 95% of all insurance plans cover bariatric surgery coupled with the higher complications rates and lack of post-op care, is it really the best choice?

Finally, we answer 3 of our listeners questions including, whether or not the Metabolic Reset Diet works for Vegans, the mechanics of the sleeve that contribute to GERD, and what strategies to employ to maintain your weight while on GLP-1 medications.

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