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Join us as we dive in on our most recent episode of the Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast titled, Ozempic, baby!

Episode 27 kicks off with our In the News segment where we discuss an article by CNN that discusses how GLP-1’s are increasing fertility. This comes as no surprise considering we saw the same results after weight loss surgery. So why do GLP-1’s and weight loss surgery cause increased fertility? Tune in to find out!

In our Patient Story, we talk to Lacey who came to us for help after she regained weight approximately 7-8 years post gastric sleeve. We got her on a GLP-1 medication and she has since lost all of her regain and is back to her postop weight. She is now considering creative dosing strategies for weening off the meds and we offer advice on how to do this without regaining weight.

In our Nutrition segment, Deidre offers advice on how to eat at restaurants and enjoy your meal without destroying your weight loss progress. There are 2 different approaches and frequency is key.

Finally, we answer our listener’s questions including, whether or not Trulicity damages the Vagus nerve, will a revision cause additional weight loss, and our thoughts on the product label statement “Discontinue Ozempic in women at least 2 months before a planned pregnancy”.

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