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Episode 31 of The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast is titled, Obesity Discrimination is Alive and Well, Just Ask Chris. The title comes from our In the News segment where we talk about an article from The Maine Wire that examines a lawsuit filed against Cigna claiming that obesity is a disability and Cigna’s failure to cover GLP-1 medications constitutes discrimination based on disability.

In our Patient Story segment, we talk to Nikki. Though not a patient of ours, Nikki had a gastric bypass back when the procedure was done by opening up the stomach to operate. She also works for a great organization called Obesity Help. A lot has changed since her surgery and she is here to share her experience as well as talk about all the great things Obesity Help is doing for the bariatric community.

Reading the nutrition facts label can be confusing. This is not by accident. Big food companies have influenced the label design in order to confuse consumers into thinking foods are healthier than they actually are. So, in our Nutrition segment, Zoe offers some tips on how to navigate the nutrition facts label.

In our Economics of Obesity segment, we dive into the cost of obesity and whether or not it’s financially viable for insurance companies to cover expensive treatments like GLP-1 medications.

Finally, we answer 3 of our listeners questions including, what can be done to prevent gallstones after bariatric surgery, our thoughts on oats in almond milk, and whether or not taking GLP-1 medication before surgery increases postop weight loss.

Here is the information referred to in the Patient Story:

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