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Episode 28 of The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast is titled, How a Gastric Bypass Could Ruin Your Life.

The title comes from our In the News segment we cover an article in Medscape titled, Alcohol to Blame: Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery. It should come as no surprise that alcohol consumption could lead to weight gain. What could be surprising is the 5x increased risk of alcoholism after a gastric bypass and 2x increased risk of alcoholism after a sleeve. Tune in to learn why!

In our Patient Story, we talk to Janet about her struggle to lose weight after surgical menopause. As a nurse she was conflicted about taking to patients about weight, because she was battling her own weight issues. She tried everything to lose weight on her own but nothing worked. Finally, she reached out to us for help.

In our Nutrition segment, Zoe is back from her honeymoon with some great tips on how to avoid weight gain while on vacation. It’s a common-sense approach that won’t rob you of your fun or enjoyment of food.

In our Economics of Obesity segment, we talk about how much money people spend on weight loss medications and the socioeconomic aspects of GLP-1 use. Would you be surprised to know that 91% of all GLP-1 users pay less than $500 per month?

Finally, we answer 3 of our listeners questions including, our thoughts on green drinks, how to lose more weight after a permanent stall, and how to avoid losing too much weight after surgery.

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