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Episode 23 of the Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast is titled, Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Lies. The title comes from our In the News segment where we discuss an article we found on Yahoo that talks about how big food makers like General Mills are paying social media dietitian influencers to push their products as part of the anti-diet movement. They are actually telling people that products like Coco Puffs are part of a healthy lifestyle! Insane!

In our Patient Story, we talk to Lupe who came to us on a recommendation from her Primary Care Physician. She ended up having a Gastric Bypass and needed GLP-1 medications to increase her weight loss. She is now helping her whole family make positive changes in their lives.

In our Nutrition segment we talk about the single most important strategy to elicit support from your friends and family on your weight loss journey.

In our Economics of Obesity segment we dive into how the gaming of the drug patent process played a role in the generic drug release timeline for Ozempic. It’s Part 2 of our two-part series on drug patents and in it we’ll share when Ozempic will be eligible for a generic version.

Finally, we answer 3 questions from our listeners including, serving size after surgery, compounding pharmacies, and what comes after the Metabolic Reset Diet. 

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