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Episode 26 of the Pound of Cure Weight Loss Podcast is titled, Ablation Conflation and Healthcare Inflation. The title comes from our In the news segment where we discuss an article from Forbes about a new bariatric procedure called Gastric Mucosal Ablation. This procedure uses a laser to burn the Fundus Mucosa. Does it work? And, will this procedure cause long-term weight loss? Tune in to find out!

In our Patient Story, we talk to Barb who is our Bariatric Coordinator. Barb is unique in that she is a Registered Nurse, has worked in the industry for decades, and is also a bariatric patient. She started with a lap band which was revised to a gastric bypass and is now on GLP-1 medications to help control her weight regain.

In our Nutrition segment, Deidre talks about the benefits of walking after eating. This is especially good for bariatric surgery patients but also aids in digestion for those who haven’t undergone surgery.

In our Economics of Obesity segment, we talk about what to do if you need bariatric surgery and you either don’t have insurance or your insurance won’t cover the surgery. Should you travel to another country where the self-pay costs are cheaper? Dr. Weiner addresses the options for those without coverage for bariatric surgery.

Finally, we answer 3 of our listeners’ questions including, whether Ozempic could stop working, constipation after surgery, and alternative options for Protein Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s).

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