Is it true that bariatric surgery can negatively affect the heart in the short term after surgery?

Any surgery, whether bariatric or otherwise, will slightly increase your risk for a heart attack. It’s one of the reasons that patients are given a cardiac stress test before surgery. Does that mean that you should avoid bariatric surgery? Dr. Matthew Weiner explains.

Are seltzers and carbonated beverages okay to drink after surgery?

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation on carbonated beverages. Will carbonation really stretch out your pouch? Dr. Weiner digs deeper into the question and spells out exactly what you should and shouldn’t be drinking after bariatric surgery.

One month after VSG I’ve lost very little weight. Is that normal?

There are averages that surgeons use to benchmark patients weight loss after surgery. With a VSG, it’s normal to see an 8-10% weight loss at the 5-6 week mark. In this video, Dr. Matthew Weiner explains what could be the cause of low weight loss and and what additional steps to take if you experience …

One month after VSG I’ve lost very little weight. Is that normal? Read More »

I need to lose more weight. What can I do?

Many people, unknowingly, start off their surgical weight loss journey with an expectation or idea of a goal weight they want to achieve. Unfortunately, weight loss surgery doesn’t know what your expectation is and doesn’t work that way. There are dozens of influences that factor in to how much weight your body will lose. Dr. …

I need to lose more weight. What can I do? Read More »

My weight loss stalled when I transitioned from protein shakes to soft foods. Why?

Weight loss stalls and short-term weight gains are normal after bariatric surgery. It doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong, or that the surgery didn’t work. That said, it can be very frustrating which is why setting non scale victories (NSV) is so important.

How do I prevent weight regain after spinal fusion surgery?

Injuries are often a cause of weight gain and weight regain. Which is why preventing injury is so important. So what do you do once you have an injury to prevent weight regain? Dr. Matthew Weiner explains.

Can the Pound of Cure diet cure Lipedema and lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a build up of fluids in the legs caused by obesity. Lipedema is a symmetric buildup of fat deposits in the lower extremedies. In this video, Dr. Weiner discusses these diseases and which treatments work best.

How do I decide which surgery is right for me?

Deciding which surgery is right for you comes down to what your priorities for the surgery are and what comorbidities you have. There is a great app that helps take the emotional aspect out of the equation by offering a fairly precise prediction of the weight loss you can expect versus the complication rate you …

How do I decide which surgery is right for me? Read More »

Why is there a difference in technique from surgeon to surgeon?

The differences you see between surgeons and surgical techniques are typically slight and based on training, what tools are available at a particular hospital, and what each surgeon has found, through experience, works best for their patients.

Can prior bariatric surgery impact the treatment you receive when diagnosed with a serious illness?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and steroid drugs, such as prednisone, are typically intolerable after a gastric bypass. As such, any disease that rely’s on these medications can be more difficult to treat after surgery. There are, however, other medications that can be prescribed and more importantly the benefits of bariatric surgery vastly outweigh the restriction of these medications.

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