There are many free courses and by registering, you can track your progress to ensure you’re not missing any important information.  Dr. Weiner also offers courses that require a subscription:

  1. The Metabolic Reset Diet – an in depth guide to the Metabolic Reset Diet that makes up the foundation of Dr. Weiner’s Pound of Cure eating plan
  2. Exercise – The role of exercise in weight loss is often misunderstood.  Dr. Weiner sets the record straight in this course
  3. Meal Plans and Recipes – Everything you need to follow the Pound of Cure eating plan, including many recipes that aren’t even included in his new book: The Bariatric Diet Guide and Cookbook
  4. Recovering from Weight Loss Surgery – A guide to getting back on your feet as quickly and comfortably as possible after weight loss surgery
  5. The Honeymoon Years – How to make the best of the first few years after Weight Loss Surgery so you are set up for a lifetime of success
  6. The End of the Honeymoon – The magic of Weight Loss Surgery doesn’t last forever.  Here’s what you can do when the magic starts to wear off.
  7. Weight Regain After Surgery – Weight regain is unfortunately common after surgery.  This course presents a strategy for addressing it.