Nutrition Courses

Nutrition courses can help you figure out how to get the processed junk out of your diet and focus on whole, unprocessed foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans as well as small amounts of animal protein.  This diet is great for anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix.  If you haven’t had weight loss surgery, this program works great, and if you have, it represents the ideal postoperative diet.

Nutrition 1: Stop Counting Calories. Learn About Your Metabolic Thermostat and its Setpoint

This course introduces the fundamental concepts behind the Pound of Cure weight loss plan and focuses on the reasons why calorie counting doesn't work.  It describes, in detail, the role your body's physiology plays in driving weight loss and weight gain. In this course, Dr. Weiner explains the many reasons for weight gain and outlines the four basic methods to drive permanent weight loss.

Nutrition 2: The Metabolic Reset Diet: Lose Weight Fast, The Healthy Way - $19.99

This course describes, in detail, the Metabolic Reset Diet, a sustainable and powerful weight loss tool.  First, Dr. Weiner explains every aspect of the Metabolic Reset Diet and why it's important in order to lose weight.  Second, techniques for implementing this powerful eating program into your life, forever.

Nutrition 3: Change your diet in 6 months

Some people are not ready to completely change their diet overnight.  This course demonstrates a second way of implementing the Pound of Cure plan, slowly, over six months.  Each change is accompanied by meal plans and recipes to help you handle each step.

Nutrition 4: Exercise - $9.99

The role of exercise in weight loss and weight maintenance is often misunderstood.  Many people are quick to both over-estimate and under-estimate the importance of exercising in order to meet your long term weight loss goals.  In this course, Dr. Weiner provides an easy to understand guide for exercising, no matter what your baseline fitness level.

Nutrition 5: Meal Plans and Recipes - $9.99

Implementing the Pound of Cure Eating Plan requires practice and patience.  To speed you along the learning curve, we've included dozens of meal plans and recipes in this course.  For the times that you aren't able to cook and prepare your own meals, we've included a list of Pound of Cure approved meals that can be ordered from popular chain restaurants.  Believe it or not, you can get an affordable, delicious meal at a popular restaurant and still lose weight!

Viewing these courses in their entirety requires a paid subscription.