Bariatric Surgery and GLP-1 Weight
Loss Meds are Just Part of the Weight
Loss Solution 

With the Pound of Cure+ Weight Loss Program, You Get a Practical, Comprehensive, and Balanced Approach to Weight Loss That Lasts.

To get the full benefits of weight loss interventions, don’t forget nutrition! Once we get you detoxed from processed foods, you’ll fall in love with eating healthy food once again and maximize your weight loss results from GLP-1 medications or Bariatric Surgery.

It’s Not Your Fault

Obesity is a disease. 

It is not caused by gluttony. It is not due to a lack of discipline. Obesity is a disease. 

And like any disease, it requires treatment, not judgment. Willpower will not cure obesity. You cannot deprive yourself of food any more than you can deprive yourself of sleep.

Unfortunately, the processed food industry has spread this disease like the Black Death. Their products are literally engineered to wreck your hormonal balance and make you crave them — even though these so-called “foods” destroy your health. 

Do you suffer from constant “food noise?” – That barrage of thoughts that urge you to eat foods that you know are fattening and unhealthy? It’s time to learn how to quiet the food noise once and for all!

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Slowly.  But surely. It’s not your fault.

If You’re Ready to lose 50+ Pounds and Keep it Off Forever, We Have an Individualized Plan That Works For You. Whether It Be GLP-1 Meds, Bariatric Surgery, Nutritional Changes, or All of the Above, You CAN Be You Again.

Hi, I’m Dr. Matthew Weiner, founder of Pound of Cure Weight Loss Center. I am a weight loss specialist and bariatric surgeon who has performed thousands of weight loss surgeries with outcomes that rank in the top 10% nationwide. 

Me and my team at Pound of Cure Weight Loss have helped countless patients lose weight, keep it off, and radically improve their health and overall well-being through healthy eating following my proprietary Metabolic Reset Diet. The Metabolic Reset Diet was designed to help quiet the “food noise,” especially when combined with GLP-1 medications or Bariatric Surgery.

As you’ll learn from Zoe Schroeder, our in-house Registered Dietitian and my podcast co-host, the secret is not eating less. The secret is in eating real food. As with bariatric surgery and GLP-1 meds, the goal is to reset your metabolism and recalibrate your appetite to free you from the desire for the addictive chemical compounds deceptively marketed as “food.”

Our approach at Pound of Cure is practical and comprehensive. We attack obesity by resetting your metabolism through a multipronged, individualized approach, including:

Bariatric surgery when appropriate

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GLP-1 medications

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The Pound of Cure Weight Loss Nutrition Program

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The Secret to Weight Loss: Lowering Your Body Weight Setpoint

All of us have a body weight setpoint. This is the place where our appetite and our metabolism are in balance. Many factors cause our setpoint to go off balance: medications, injury, menopause, genetics, but especially the carb-heavy, chemical-laden processed foods most of us are exposed to.  

Dieting just makes this worse.

The answer is not to eat less. The answer is to eat wholesome, natural foods that bring your setpoint down. If you’re on a diet and feeling hungry, you’re doing it wrong.

Lowering your setpoint is the Holy Grail of weight loss. Finding and properly treating the cause of your elevated setpoint is the mission of Pound of Cure Weight Loss.

Once you get off the processed foods treadmill with surgery, GLP-1 meds, or stopping counter-productive yo-yo dieting, you’ll learn to love the food you eat. You’ll naturally enjoy eating the satisfying amount of nutrient-rich foods your body needs without exerting willpower or feeling hungry or feeling overwhelmed by food noise. You’ll have a happy, guilt-free relationship with food once again. 

Whether the answer is surgery, GLP-1 meds, and/or implementing the Metabolic Reset Diet, you’ll lose weight. Sustainably. And fast.

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Break Free With The Metabolic Reset Diet

Even though I call my dietary weight loss program the Metabolic Reset Diet, it’s really not a diet at all. Think of it more as a dietary rehab program.

We don’t ask you to eat less food. We want you to eat more food. But we also help you to eat less of the addictive, processed chemical poisons that are wrecking your health and causing your obesity. This is especially useful for patients who have had bariatric surgery or are taking GLP-1 meds and want the full benefits of their medical treatments.

Yes, like drug rehab, there is a brief period of withdrawal. Addiction makes us crave all those sugars and carbs. That siren song of food noise in our heads doesn’t go away overnight.

But on the other side of the Metabolic Reset Diet, you’ll eat with more joy and gusto than you ever did when you were distracted by food noise. You’ll be amazed at the weight you’ll lose, the energy you’ll gain, and the overall improvement in your health and happiness.

It sounds so simple. And it really is — once you break free.

Hear about Chrisse’s cost-saving dosing strategy:

Three Ways To Experience the Benefits
of the Metabolic Reset Diet

You can access The Metabolic Reset Diet in three ways:

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The Pound of Cure Nutrition Program

Many people who have had bariatric surgery or are using GLP-1 meds have not fully realized their weight loss goals. If that sounds like you, then the Pound of Cure Nutrition Program, based on the Metabolic Reset Diet, is absolutely essential to your continued weight loss and overall health.

In the Pound of Cure Nutrition Program, you get unlimited access to our group nutrition sessions, support groups, and individual Q&A sessions with me, Dr. Matthew Weiner, our registered dietician, Zoe Schroeder, and peer leaders who have struggled successfully with obesity.

Zoe is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, has a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, and a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition. Her life-passion is all about helping people lose weight and feel better. Together, Zoe and I have helped thousands of patients get their eating habits on track for sustainable weight loss using the principles of the Metabolic Reset Diet.

Daily online sessions include:

The Metabolic Reset Diet

Eating on GLP-1 medications

Meal Planning and Recipes

How to replace added sugars with natural sugars

Eating To Maintain Results

Increasing Your Veggie Intake

Jump-Starting Healthy Habits

Peer-led support groups

Try the program for $99 per month. Get three months for $199 or six months for $299.

My Books

You can discover the basic principles behind the Pound of Cure weight loss program from these books available on Amazon:


A Pound of Cure


The Bariatric Diet Guide and Cookbook


How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works

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Bariatric Surgery Weight Regain Package

Bariatric surgery is a remarkable agent of metabolic reset, which usually results in rapid weight loss. However, over time, some of the weight can return, especially after Sleeve Gastrectomy.

This problem can be alleviated. To help post-bariatric patients maintain their weight loss or get back to their ideal weight, I created the Bariatric Surgery Weight Regain Package.

The solution is multifactorial and often involves nutrition, modification of weight-gaining factors, GLP-1 medications, and occasionally, revisional surgery. 

By signing up for the weight regain package, you will receive a comprehensive plan for losing the weight again, access to our insurance concierge service for GLP-1 medication coverage, any necessary prescriptions, all three books signed by Dr. Weiner, a three-month unlimited membership in our nutrition program, and three individual visits with Dr. Weiner. 

The weight regain program also includes three individual visits with Zoe, our registered dietitian, to help you connect the “what to do” to the “how to do it” and maximize your results.

If Dr Weiner is in your insurance network (Blue Cross, United Healthcare or Medicare), the cost is $599 (plus any additional patient copays, coinsurance, or deductibles). If Dr Weiner is not in your insurance network, you can access this comprehensive weight loss program for $999.

Insurance copays, coinsurance, and deductibles will be applied in addition to the program fee. Program fees do not cover the cost of any prescribed medication.

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