Are You a Candidate For Bariatric Surgery or Weigth Loss Medications?

You have options and most are covered by insurance. 

The Pound of Cure Weight Loss team provides a comprehensive and individualized weight loss program for those considering bariatric surgery, post-op bariatric patients, and those who are interested in non-surgical weight loss options (including weight loss medications). 

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How Much Weight Will I Lose After Bariatric Surgery?

Our calculator provides an estimate of you much weight you will lose after Bariatric Surgery based on your age, height, weight, and medical background. Get an estimate of how much weight you will lose in 30 seconds!


Considering weight loss surgery? Is it time? Schedule a time to talk with our team and find out if you're a candidate.


The FDA has approved GLP-1 weight loss medications (Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro and Zepbound) that have amazing results. Find out if you're a candidate and if you're covered by insurance.


Making changes? Our weight loss program offers a comprehensive individualized treatment plan with both group and 1-on-1 online sessions, and is focused on nutrition, physical activity, and behavior modification.

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Ready to change your eating…and your life?

With a 5-10% weight reduction, we’re helping patients to improve their lives. This includes benefits like a measurable decrease in blood pressure, decreased osteoarthritis knee pain, and reduced likelihood of depression. In time, and with continued effort, patients are able to improve severity of obesity-related diseases (I.e., diabetes, hypertension, etc.), and also decrease likelihood of major cardiovascular outcomes.

What’s the next step? Start by registering for our online program or schedule a time to meet with our team.

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Talk to our friendly team at (520) 298-3300


Medical Evaluation

Thorough and ongoing visits with trained obesity medicine team


Individualized Treatment Plans

Nutrition, physical activity, behavior modification, and comorbidity improvement


Weekly Nutritional Counseling

Both individual and group sessions focused on eating clean


Anti-Obesity Medications

Proven, evidence-based medications, including GLP-1 agents


Bariatric Surgery

Only the safest bariatric techniques, including sleeve and bypass surgeries

Which bariatric surgery is right for me?

Considering weight loss surgery this year? Choosing the right procedure is the first important decision you should make. Take Dr. Weiner’s new quiz and make the right decision for you.

medical treatment and surgery

Bariatric surgery can help you lose weight. It can also save your life.

Are you a candidate for weight loss surgery? It’s important to find out before serious health issues arise…even if you’re not obese. We’re eager to understand your unique story and make a plan that’s right for you.

Dr. Matthew Weiner’s surgical team specializes in:

  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Revision (Reoperative) Bariatric Surgery
  • Hernia Repair
  • Pre, During, and Post Operative Care

Have questions? Not sure?
Talk to our friendly team at (520) 298-3300

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Dr. Matthew Weiner and his team offer bariatric surgery and weight loss programs in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. Each member of the team is passionate about their role and they support hundreds of bariatric patients on their weight loss journey each year.

…they’re also warm, friendly, and easy to talk to.

Do you have the right mindset to make the journey?

Choosing a program is one thing – sticking with it is another entirely. It takes education, ongoing guidance, and adopting the right mindset to meet your goals. Dr. Matthew Weiner has created and supported his Pound of Cure program with over 100 videos, 3 books, and remote dietary counseling (with both 1-on-1 and group sessions available) – everything you need for your weight loss journey.


Dr. Matthew Weiner is an author and bariatric surgeon in Tucson who shares the truth about weight loss and weight gain.

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Our team answers common questions about bariatric surgery, weight loss medications, and the challenges of weight loss.

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