Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery


Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery adequately is critically important to your long term success.  Beyond the medical and financial/insurance preparation that is required, it is critical to begin planning your life after surgery to set yourself up for success.  Addressing emotional and relationship issues as well as the routines of your daily life that could sabotage your success before you undergo surgery is as necessary as following your postoperative diet after surgery.

The decision you make about weight loss surgery should be treated with the same amount of consideration that you give to all of your major life decisions.  Most of us do not make decisions about our marriage, children, job or housing situation without carefully weighing all of our options.  Deciding whether or not to undergo weight loss surgery should be given the same amount of care.  This course provides all of the information you will need to make this life changing decision.

  1. Do I Really Need Surgery?
  2. Which surgery should I have?
  3. Gastric Bypass
  4. Sleeve Gastrectomy
  5. Revisional Surgery
  6. Moving forward with surgery