How to Lose Weight Fast, the Healthy Way

It’s with some regret that I’ve titled this course “Lose Weight Fast” since this is perhaps my least favorite claim of any weight loss program.  However, after over a decade of treating people with obesity, I recognize that there are many out there who are looking for the fastest way to lose weight.

This course will outline an eating plan for those who are ready to make a big change today and want the most rapid results.  The difference between my approach and those that you see on billboards and late night commercials is that this approach can also allow you to improve your health quickly, rather than relying on methods to trick your body into dropping weight by depriving it of vital nutrients.

For those who are interested in the fastest possible results from the Pound of Cure program, I get them started on our Metabolic Reset Diet and after a month or so, suggest some modifications that can keep you on track for years to come.