Addressing Weight Regain

Weight regain can be a very emotional topic.  No one who chooses to undergo weight loss surgery ever sees themselves regaining a significant amount of weight after surgery.  However, weight regain is a far more common event than anyone wants to admit to.  This course outlines a strategy for identifying the cause of weight gain, addressing it and then coming up with a plan for losing the weight.

In truth, this course is very similar to the course: About A Pound of Cure which outlines the different causes of set point elevation (weight gain) and the four different methods to lower your setpoint (lose weight).  This course takes this approach and applies it to weight regain after surgery.

3 thoughts on “Addressing Weight Regain”

  1. How do your patients with hashimotos and perimenopause lose the regain? I have always struggled loosing with my thyroid issues. Now I’m perimenopausal and i can easily gain 2-3lbs and it takes a few weeks to loose it again. I do exercise a minimum of 3x a week and I’m getting back onto the pound a cure diet. I’ve been taking phentermine for a few months to help curb the appetite. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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