About A Pound of Cure Weight Loss Program

The Pound of Cure Weight Loss program was developed by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a Weight Loss Surgeon in Tucson, AZ. A Pound of Cure is based on two principles:

  • Weight Loss Surgery Triggers a hormonal shift in the brain and intestinal tract that triggers your body to decrease hunger and increase metabolism. These hormonal shifts result in subconscious changes in your diet to maximize weight loss.
  • Immediately after undergoing Weight Loss Surgery, patients develop dramatically different food preferences. Their cravings for processed foods disappear and they begin craving unprocessed fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and small amounts of lean animal protein. By observing these taste changes in patients after weight loss surgery, when their physiology was working to drive weight loss, Dr. Weiner was able to identify the ideal diet for anyone who wants to lose weight.