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For decades, physicians and skinny friends alike have offered the over simplified, demeaning and flat out wrong advice: eat less and exercise more. If things were this simple, obesity would be a temporary annoyance, not a life threatening, crippling disease. First, as you’ve learned so far, how much you eat is not nearly as important …

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About A Pound of Cure

The Pound of Cure Weight Loss program was developed by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a Weight Loss Surgeon in Tucson, AZ. A Pound of Cure is based on two principles: Weight Loss Surgery Triggers a hormonal shift in the brain and intestinal tract that triggers your body to decrease hunger and increase metabolism. These hormonal shifts …

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Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery adequately is critically important to your long term success.  Beyond the medical and financial/insurance preparation that is required, it is critical to begin planning your life after surgery to set yourself up for success.  Addressing emotional and relationship issues as well as the routines of your daily life that could …

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Recipes and Meal Plans

Recipes and meal plans are critical to your success.  Experimenting with new foods and styles of cooking will allow you to continue to follow the program without feeling deprived.

Addressing Weight Regain

Weight regain can be a very emotional topic.  No one who chooses to undergo weight loss surgery ever sees themselves regaining a significant amount of weight after surgery.  However, weight regain is a far more common event than anyone wants to admit to.  This course outlines a strategy for identifying the cause of weight gain, …

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The Honeymoon Years – The First Two Years After Weight Loss Surgery

The Honeymoon years typically span the first, and most enjoyable years following weight loss surgery.  Weight loss comes easily, appetite control is effortless and you have tons of energy.  However, like all honeymoons, they eventually come to an end.  This course outlines a strategy for using these honeymoon years to establish all of the lifestyle …

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Recovering From Weight Loss Surgery

The first month after surgery is focused on getting back to your regular routine and beginning your long journey toward redefining your relationship with food.

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