Bariatric Courses

The Bariatric courses provide a comprehensive review of everything that a weight loss surgery patient should know.  Each course covers a different stage, from beginning the decision making process all the way to many years after surgery.  Combined with the nutrition courses, the bariatric courses offer a guide to ensure that you get the most out of your weight loss surgery.

Bariatric 1: Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery

This course reviews all of the important steps of preparing for weight loss surgery.  It provides an in depth review of the different procedures that are available as well as how to navigate the insurance and preoperative workup process.  Finally, it provides guidance on how best to emotionally prepare for weight loss surgery.

Bariatric 2: Recovering From Surgery - $19.99

This course describes, in detail, how to get through the first month after weight loss surgery with as much comfort and confidence as possible.  The hospital stay, postoperative diet and mindful eating strategies that can be carried out well beyond this first month are covered.

Bariatric 3: The Honeymoon Years - $19.99

The Honeymoon years represent the best period of life after weight loss surgery.  Weight loss and appetite control come easily and you find yourself motivated to move and exercise.  This course outlines a strategy for harnessing this time to establish the lifestyle changes necessary for long term success.

Bariatric 4: The End of the Honeymoon - $9.99

Starting around 2 years after surgery, the excellent appetite control and drive to exercise starts to decrease.  This is common and, unfortunately, occurs in almost all post-surgical patients.  While many look at this change in their appetite as a sign of impending failure, it doesn't have to be.  

Bariatric 5: Addressing Weight Regain - $19.99

Weight regain after Bariatric Surgery is far more common than anyone wants to admit.  This course addresses the many different causes of weight regain and how to get back on track.  The causes of weight regain are not always obvious and the solutions are never easy, but with the right strategy, you can lose the weight again and re-establish your healthiest lifestyle.

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